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The existent city order clearly separates our buildings and pedestrians from the high speed mobility systems (Highway). These act as two separate layers that require independent space from one another, and as the city grows, this only leads to a larger miscommunication between the two layers. We confront a design phase of our city in which we must rethink space as “sharing of space” for different layers within “time”. Then comes the question of How can live information help us establish rules for the happenings of our city? and how can this be more efficient?

Symbiosis is an adaptive road and space distribution system that is flexible in the 3D and time axes. It proposes a new “changing” urban section prototype in which mobility and space flows are determined by live information of the city (vehicular traffic and people flows). This is achieved by collecting real time information through the use of sensors. In Symbiosis, the current mobility items are rethought, then replaced by prints of light and texture. These prints are visualized and change in time. The system optimizes space according to what is needed in terms of road space and people space.

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